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By Melissa Biliardi - July 29, 2013
The Huntington's Post is excited to announce that UC Davis will
begin recruitment for PRE-CELL which is the lead-in observational
study for their future planned stem cell trial for Huntington's disease.

Per Terry Tempkin, Clinical Project Manager: "UC Davis has
received approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB), to
begin the observational PRE-CELL study."

Terry Tempkin went on to say: "We are excited to begin the project
and appreciate everything the Huntington's community has done to
help this project come to fruition. In addition to Dr. Nolta's scientific
achievement, and Dr. Wheelock's clinical experience, the HD
community played an important role in giving a face to Huntington's
disease.  The UC Davis Stem Cell Project Executive Committee is
very grateful to all of the people who showed up at CIRM public
meetings, and created visibility through their activities to educate
CIRM about the importance of funding projects to help find a
treatment or a cure for Huntington's disease."
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